Chinese Classifiers, 量词

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Chinese Classifiers, 量词

Chinese Classifiers are absolutely essential for the proper use of the Chinese Language. In the Chinese Language all nouns are countless, not change morphologically to distinguish singular plural, so that the use of Chinese Classifiers is grammatically mandatory. The Chinese Classifiers are so important in Chinese Grammar.


We can distinguish two types of Chinese Classifiers, nominal and verbal. Verbal Chinese Classifiers are used to quantify the amount of time and that has priority.
The choice of either classifier depends on the noun with which it is associated, but also preferences and culture of the speaker. For example, to say “three cars”, some people prefer to say 三 部 車 (三 部 车), while others say 三台 車 (三台 车). Still others say 三 輛車 (三 辆车), and finally in Cantonese is 三 架 車 (三 架 车), and excluding the conflict between the Chinese dialects, the three classifiers are used to say the same.Some classifiers are units of measure that all languages ​​have, for example, the word kilometer, but in many cases, given the rapid growth of these particles in the Chinese Language, there is no possible literal translation.

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