Stuffed Meat Bun, 包子

The 包子 (baozi) are some kind of steamed dumplings. There are many types of 包子 and can be filled with meat, red bean paste (豆沙包 dòushābāo, Taiwanese origin), lotus seed paste (liánróngbāo 莲蓉 包), a sweet yellow (奶 黃 包 nǎihuángbāo), tahini

The 包子 dough is very similar to our bread, but steamed its appearance and flavor are very different.



500 grams of minced meat (beefpork)
1 onion
3 cloves of garlic包子 1200x600
Sunflower oil
Soy sauce
Vinegar (rice)
Star Anise
Sichuan pepper (ground)
Cloves (ground)

Fry the onion and garlic with spices and then add the meat. When the meat is sealed include the remaining ingredients (do not cook much because after 10 minutes it will be steamed) and set aside.



400 gr of pastry flour
200 gr of warm water
20 gr sugar
4 gr of salt
10 gr of baking powder (3 g. Dried)

The procedure is the same as for a regular bread dough.

Mix the ingredients until until getting a creamy and elastic dough. Let stand covered in a warm place until doubled in size. Knead again and cut into portions that will be our 包子.

With a pastry wafer roll with each portion of dough, filled and is shaped blocks. Once all the 包子 should stand for 30-40 minutes before cooking.

For steaming them you should to place them on a baking paper cuts.

Cooking time will be approximately 10 minutes.

This recipe can also be made with 包子 filled with raw meat, which might change a little cooking time. The result will be a more juicy 包子.

Handmade 包子technique video




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